Birthday Party Magic Show!

Don't just give your child a gift this year, give them a memory!

Matt offers, hands down, the best birthday party magic show you and your child will ever see!  Matt's birthday show is highly interactive from start to finish, entertains children and adults, and features your child as the star.  Matt currently performs at over 100 birthday parties a year so weekend dates fill quickly, click BOOK NOW before your date disappears.

"The best birthday party we have thrown or been to.You are great! Thank you for making it so memorable."

G. Huerta, Avondale

Phoenix Magician
Phoenix Magician

45 min Party Experience


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Package Features
  • Your child featured as the star of the show!

  • Magic will happen in your child's hands!

  • Funny magic you won't see anywhere else!

  • The appearance of a live animal!

  • Photo time following the show!

  • Meet and greet with animal following the show!

              (children are allowed to pet the bird)

Watch Matt transform your
living room into a theater!


1 Hour Party Experience


Package Features
  • Everything included in Matt's 45 min Party Experience!  PLUS...


  • AND your child receives a beginning magic set!

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Jumbo Wand Party Favors $2 each

Matt and Morgen Appearing Bird 1

Are you doing goodie bags or sending your guests home with party favors?  Here's the perfect magical giveaway to include in your bags or as a stand alone party souvenir.  This wand inflates to almost 3 feet in length.  The kids love them!  Fits in any standard size goodie bag uninflated.  When you go to book your show just indicate on your show form how many you would like included in your party package and you will be billed for them at the same time you purchase your show package.

Do You Need Liability Insurance For Your Event?  No Problem.

Not Sure, find out below.

If your party is taking place at a private residence you will not need additional insurance.


If your party will be taking place at a venue they may require Matt to provide a certificate of insurance.  Community centers, clubhouses, and city facilities are good examples of this.  Please determine in advance if your party venue will require this and contact Matt at least two weeks in advance of your child's party to ensure Matt's insurance company has time to process a certificate for your venue.  This service is free of charge.

Still uncertain?  Not ready to book yet?  Take a look at what Matt's past clients are saying here and on online.  Matt's past birthday clients are among his happiest.  The difference is clear.  Don't settle for less!  Click Book Now below to share this once in a lifetime experience with your child before the moment vanishes forever.

N. Griffin, Scottsdale


What Moms Are Saying!

"Teagan said, “It was the best birthday party EVER!”

You definitely have a gift with kids as well as funny magic!"

"After the guests left, Cibrián said, "Mom, I wish the magician could always be here." You helped us make a great childhood memory for him. A priceless gift!"

"Thanks, Matt. You helped make Bryson’s party a huge success! A couple comments I heard were “My child hasn’t ever sat focused on one thing for that long” and “He really kept the kids engaged”. Bryson wants to do “the same thing” for his 6th birthday, so we’ll definitely stay in touch. But if all goes according to plan, we’ll see you before that…at one of Bryson’s friend’s parties."

Phoenix Magician

"Thank you so much for the show. Everyone enjoyed it, even the parents! You exceeded everyone's expectations!"

K. Higgins, Gilbert


"You made my son's birthday absolutely fun and wonderful. Everyone there enjoyed every second of your show. Quentin is still talking about it and the first thing out of his brother’s mouth that evening when we were driving home was, “I want him to come to my next party.” You’re amazing and I can't thank you enough."

Phoenix Magician

C. Riddle, Scottsdale


Phoenix Magician
Phoenix Magician

L. Patton, Chandler


Phoenix Magician

M. Leach, Gilbert

Phoenix Magician

Show Requirements

Birthday parties present unique and demanding performance conditions that I've learned to minimize, eliminate, and deal with to ensure that you, your child, and all of your party guests receive a memorable experience. My past birthday party clients are among my happiest and all of them would tell you that my show requirements are a small price to pay for the quality of show you receive on your child's special day.

" I appreciate all your pre-show communications and prep, which is no doubt what added to the success of Saturday."

Birthday shows are required to take place indoors.

Outdoor parties play host to a variety of distractions that can affect your guests' enjoyment of the show, my performance, your overall satisfaction, and my future business.  For this reason I strongly encourage you to host any magic show indoors or wait for a year when you can.

Performance area of 8 feet wide by 6 feet deep.

The show works best against a wall or closed window with room in the front for the children to sit on the floor.  Living rooms and dens typically provide more than sufficient area.  Many people open up a room simply by shifting a sofa or quickly rearranging some smaller furniture.

Birthday Party Magic

K. Higgins, Gilbert


A parent or guardian must be present throughout the show.

Reasons range from medical emergencies to redirecting the children if they decide to tear the room apart.  Please realize I am not a babysitter, I am there to entertain the children.  I feel it is neither my place nor my job to enforce any household rules or behavior.

Common Questions

Can you do the show outside?

Outdoor shows greatly restrict the repertoire of material any magician can perform with confidence due to uncertain lighting conditions and factors such as wind and temperature.  Inclement weather of any kind, wind, rain, heat, or cold can cut short or outright cancel the performance.  I require my shows to take place indoors to eliminate the stress outdoor factors can have on everyone and deliver the best magic show money can buy.  If you can not host the show indoors I highly recommend waiting for a year when you can.

When should the magic show start during my party?

It is HIGHLY recommended that you select a show start time at least 30-45 minutes after the start of your party to account for late arrivals so that everyone will be present when the show begins.  Late arrivals can be very disruptive for the audience and performer and in some cases completely ruin a special or funny moment in the show.  Imagine the doorbell ringing right as I'm floating your child and you get the idea.  I want to ensure you and your child get the best show possible. 

Do you take full payment upfront?

Yes, for several reasons.  First, it actually makes both of our lives easier come show day.  In the past, I ran into a lot of awkward situations where I had to rudely interrupt party activities following my performance in order to get paid so that I could leave in order to get to my next show on time.  As you can imagine this was frustrating to everyone and ended everyone's experience on a sour note.  Secondly, when I used to require no payment up front, I ran into a lot of empty promises and last minute cancellations because there was no commitment on the customer's end.  Finally, taking a deposit upfront created the same aforementioned issue at the party and required twice as much work on everybody's end because I actually had to collect payment twice.  I settled on the concert system and have been taking payment upfront for years now.  It has been highly successful.  Please take a look at all of my reviews here and online, each and everyone of these customers paid upfront. 

What guarantee do I have that you'll show up?

If you're asking this question hopefully my online reputation and reviews bring you some peace of mind.  I have worked very hard to establish my business on integrity.  However, I have missed 7 shows in the past decade due to illness.  Each time the customer was contacted directly and given as much notice as possible to prepare them for the possibility of my absence.  They were contacted again when I was forced to cancel.  Several of these customers were very upset, several were understanding.  All had their money refunded or rescheduled alternate dates with me and had their shows honored.  At the end of the day, I don't believe any of them wanted me showing up while I was throwing up.  Please keep in mind this is a full time business for me and I take it very seriously.  I realize that running late or missing a show impacts not only your overall satisfaction, but also my future business.  I do my best to communicate with you throughout your entire experience even if that means calling ahead to prepare you for the worst, which is VERY rare.

What if I decide to cancel my party or my kid gets sick and we can't have the party?

Half of your payment is non-refundable if for any reason you decide to cancel the agreed upon performance date.  If for any reason you are forced or decide to cancel the performance prior to the scheduled performance date please allow as much notice as possible and you will either be refunded the reminder of your performance fee, or you will have the option of rescheduling another date and time that accommodates both of our schedules at no additional cost.  Cancellations within 24 hours of the scheduled performance will forfeit the full performance fee.  You will be given the opportunity of rescheduling.

Do you do offer balloon animals following your performances?

No, balloon magic is featured in my shows, but I do not do balloon sculpting.  If you're looking for a balloon artist, I highly recommend hiring a professional balloon artist and I'm happy to give my recommendations.  That being said, my experience around balloon sculpting at parties has been long lines, popping balloons, crying kids, and frustrated parents.  I honestly haven't seen it be a very welcome addition at most parties.

"Laughter filled magic shows for kids and families!"