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Festival Entertainment!

Matt’s festival show is a crowd drawing attraction!  Seriously!  In fact, most festival organizers are not fully prepared for the popularity of Matt's show.  Matt has stunned organizers time and again by drawing crowds larger than they could hope for or anticipate.  Matt was awarded a larger stage and venue two years in a row while performing at the Phoenix Zoo.  On one occasion Matt drew crowds large enough to merit the interest of a fire Marshall.  Organizers at Lights of the World had to add 3 x's the number of seats following Matt's first two nights of performances.


Oraganizers and vendors LOVE Matt because he gets people talking about the festival and bringing their friends and family back.

For several years Matt was the largest drawing attraction at this Phoenix Zoo's annual Howl-O-Ween event.  Matt partnered with Lights of the World in 2019 and drew crowds so large that 3 x more seats had to be added to accommodate the sizes of his audience.  


Matt is a veteran of festival and theme park shows having partnered in the past with festivals and theme parks large and small.  Matt delivers an unparalleled performance for festival goers that draws them in, keeps them, and leaves them wanting more.  It is not uncommon for festival goes to return to Matt's follow up performances or to bring friends back at a later date. 


and award winning routines and personality take center stage in a show packed full of hilarity for the entire family.  Matt is best known locally for having presented this show regularly at the Westin Kierland Villas in Scottsdale over several years. During the show you'll witness the guillotine, the appearance of a live bird and dog, audience volunteers doing magic in their hands, Matt swallowing a balloon, and much more. 

"Laughter filled magic shows for kids and families!"

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