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Meet Magician Matt Lemm

Phoenix Magician

Allow myself to introduce...myself. In elementary school I was the class clown, in high school I was voted most talented, in college I won the title Mr. Spring Fling, and after all this time, I'm still just a big kid. I got my start in magic when I was nine years old and I still act the same age. My parents bought me a souvenir magic book from the Main Street Magic Shop while on a family vacation at Disneyland. When we got home I quickly learned my first magic trick. It was a card trick. Surprise, surprise. And I've been doing magic ever since.


Over the past fifteen years I've been crowed a state champion of both close-up and stage magic. Was a Gold Medal Finalist at the prestigious International Brotherhood of Magicians International Stage Magic Championships. Locally, I've been seen on Fox 10, NBC 12, ABC 15, Channel 3, and CBS 5 News.  I've been a featured guest performer with the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra, appeared at Arizona Music Fest, appeared regularly at the Phoenix Zoo, Westin Kierland Villas, and the State Fair's Lights of the World Festival.


Throughout the years I've also freely donated my time to support various causes and charities. One of my most recognized charitable contributions and proudest achievements was when I produced a show that raised eleven thousand dollars in a single night for the "Lend a Hand, Give an Arm Project".

A Magical Timeline:
My Journey In Magic
My Life Outside of Magic

I love being active and enjoy the outdoors.  I hike and trail run regularly in the surrounding mountains of the Phoenix area.  The White Tank Mountains are a personal favorite.  I love the pristine silence these mountains offer so close to the big city.  The McDowell Mountain Range and South Mountain and are other local favorites.


Some of my greater hiking achievements include completing a Rim to Rim day hike of the Grand Canyon.  Conquering Mount Humphrey's in Flagstaff.  Hiking every trail in Yosemite Valley.  Reaching Sister Peak at Four Peaks and living to tell the tale.  My epic hiking failure was being rescued by helicopter after getting lost seven miles deep in a mountain range during a thunderstorm.  

Over the past several years I've slowly gotten into camping due to my continued interest to hike in more and more exotic locations.  With the help of some YouTube videos I converted the bed of my truck into a comfortable living space and so far have taken several road trips where I live out of my truck for days at a time.  I drive from place to place hitting points of interest and National Parks along the way.  It's my dream to see all of the most famous National Parks in America. 

When I'm not on the trails I'm a huge movie buff.  Growing up movies were a big part of my social and family life.  I loved movies so much that I studied film and video in college and eventually began making my own short films.  Toward the end of college one of my films was selected into a film contest and featured on local television.  It was quite a thrill.  Today you can still see all of my movie making skills hard at work when you watch any teaching or promotional video put out by Funny Magic For Kids.  They were all made by yours truly.  However, as much as I like making movies I still like watching them even more.  At home I feed my film addiction with Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, and VUDU. I converted my bedroom into a mini movie theater.  It contains a projector, screen, and complete surround sound system.  The projected image is a whopping 80"!  It is AWESOME!!!  Everyone who has seen it, loves it.  I haven't been to the theater since installing it.  Now I just watch movies from the comfort of my own bed. :)

Here's an interesting fact about me.  I'm a magician and a musician!  Say that five times fast.  Shortly after I graduated college I decided I wanted to pursue every man’s fantasy and become a rock star. I set magic aside  for a year in order to learn how to play the guitar and sing.  I took guitar and vocal lessons and then spent the next five years in restaurants and various other venues playing as a paid professional. My main gig while I was actively gigging out was in a bar and grill in the heart of downtown Phoenix. To this day I sing and song write regularly and am actually in the process of recording an original album which will be released someday. In the meantime, I'm content playing and singing at home for my own enjoyment.

About Magician Matt Lemm

My hidden talent is carpentry.  Early in college I approached my uncle (who is an amazing carpenter) and asked him to teach me woodworking because I had a desire to build my own props for my act.  Fifteen years and countless projects later most of the props in my show are hand built and so is most of the furniture in my house.  My proudest achievement came in 2016 when I completely gutted, re framed, and remodeled the two bathrooms in my house over a period of six months.  The project was the culmination of all my skills resulted in two gorgeous custom bathrooms that I'm proud to own and show off.


Would you believe I can solve the Rubrics cube.  I can juggle.  I've been rock climbing.  I've gone skydiving.  All true.  I hope at some point we get a chance to meet and engage in the lost art of conversation.  I'd love to sit down with you and your family sometime following a show and share some stories and laughter.  Until then...


Favorite Quotes

"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


"There are only two ways to be defeated. Give up or die."


Top 10 Favorite Magicians

1. Houdini

2. David Copperfield

3. Lance Burton

4. Pendragons

5. Rick Thomas

6. Dimmare

7. Micheal Finney

8. Amazing Johnathan

9. Kerry Pollock

10. Dana Daniels


Favorite Card



"Laughter filled magic shows for kids and families!"

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